Art is devotion, to step into the flush of colours and to follow the dynamic of the stroke of the brush.



My name is Simone Wunderlin. I have always been quite fanciful. With different stages in life, for a while I was writing lyrics, and then I did a lot of collages. But 5 years ago I participated in a workshop in Ibiza. It was like a revelation. Outdoors in this wonderful garden with a view of the pool that enchants the white canvas. To completely surrender to the colours and to not risk missing the best moment to paint. Just to go ahead with the paint. Until it is what it is.

There are many other paintings underneath certain paintings, not revealed to the eye of the beholder but nevertheless present.

The biggest source of inspiration remains nature. But you are never able to outreach nature on the canvas. It remains an approach, often only an abstraction. With a strong stroke of brush, sometimes with bare fingers, I love the bath in the flush of colours. The purpose is appearing pleasurable and opulent; there is enough deficiency in the world.

My profession as a Marketing specialist allows a certain creativity, but it is not possible without respecting guidelines, CIs and CDs. Therefore I enjoy the freedom of my paintings so much. I paint at little studio; disused bathroom curtains are protecting the walls. I prefer painting outside, but the temperatures do not allow this so often. But when Spring is coming and the miracle repeats itself in the gardens and parks. And I will be inspired by the blossoms and this wonderful bright green you can only see in springtime. With the hope, Summer will be warm. Then a new I will paint in the garden and giving the green of the lawn a few splashes of colour on its way to Autumn.

If you are interested in one of my paintings, please contact me. I am looking forward to your interest.